What Is The Dealer Trade Network?

The Dealer Trade Network is the largest and most trusted name in dealer trades. Our trading partners need assistance with their inventory and rely on our professional staff to accomplish the mission. The objective may be to place excess inventory, or purchase new car inventory through business to business wholesale transactions.

 Why Do Dealers Move Inventory Through Us?

#1 To redistribute aged inventory and help balance your Floor Plan Interest vs. Floor Plan Credit.

#2 They may be approaching or over their Flooring Cap. When ALLY (or another lender) insists you move units, we get it done FAST.

#3 They have an overabundance of one particular model or too much prior model year inventory.

#4 WE MAKE THEM MONEY…By simply paying a premium for desirable units to book-in extra monthly revenue or by alleviating Floor Plan Interest  so you can drop tens of thousands to your bottom line.

 Why Do Dealers Buy Inventory Through Us?

#1 Allocation…Diesel Crews, Corvettes, The new Caddy ELR, or even the non-exotic.These are BRAND NEW UNITS, under open MSO’s. You buy through one of our dealers and you get to TURN and EARN. This is how you grow your dealership.

#2 Packages, options, or trim levels may be on CONSTRAINT from the factory. The manufacturer may experience issues with their suppliers at times. This should not cost you retail sales! We will pound the phones until we locate the specific units you need.

#3 They need units NOW!!! We help our dealers find the units that they can EARN their grosses on TODAY. Can you afford to wait 10-16 weeks for your inventory from the OEM? Is the dealer across town advertising vehicles that you don’t have, pulling in your customers? In most cases we can have vehicles to you in a week.

 So How Does It Work? 

If you need to move out inventory, give us a call. Our inventory experts will help to package your new car inventory to move quickly. What does it cost to have 20 of our staff pitching your inventory to dealers coast-to-coast? Nothing, the buying dealer pays all freight and our fee per unit.

What does it cost to buy inventory? DTN charges a very small fee per unit, usually under 1%. You may freight the vehicles or we can arrange transportation for you as a courtesy.

Call us so we can provide you references, from dealers just like yourself which you may contact. We deal with the largest dealerships and dealer groups in the nation. Let them tell you what we’ve done for them. We look forward to conducting business and establishing another long lasting reliable relationship!

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