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Our team of professionals will provide practical solutions for any inventory issues you may have!

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Supplementing Inventory

We locate the best mix of vehicles to match your current needs. We connect you with ready to sell dealers at their bottom line price. We contact every GM and Ford dealer in the country at least once weekly. No other locator knows the market better, or has more inventory than DTN.

Building Allocation

We find the hot new body styles and specialty units that retail immediately. We track down the volume units as well. We have assisted dealers in growing their franchise and played a part in dealers moving up the national dealer ranking list.

Placing Excess Inventory

We can help you relieve floor-plan strains by contacting factory authorized dealers who are ready to buy. You deserve market value for your vehicles. Our sales consultants have their finger on the pulse of the market. We can provide solutions by expanding your network of trading partners.

Why Choose Us

  • DTN has been in business for over 10 years.
  • The owners of DTN have over 50 years of combined car business experience.
  • We talk to every dealer in the nation atleast once a week.
  • Our cutting edge software produces the cleanest paperwork in the industry.
  • We do the work for you in order to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been purchasing/selling GM products through AJ Black and the Dealer Trade Network for many years. He always seems to have the product I need at a great price and the product arrives quickly without issue almost all of the time but when there is an issue, AJ owns the problem until it’s resolved without you having to bug him to get it done.  The piece of mind that it’s “handled” when he finds out about a potential hiccup, so I can worry about managing the dealership and not chasing a problem, is the reason why I am proud to say that I recommend AJ Black and the Dealer Trade Network.
To Whom It May Concern, I have been working with AJ and the Dealer Trade for almost 3 years now. I have nothing but great things to say him and the company as a whole. A very trustworthy and respectable company. I call on the DTN when I want to get the job done quickly and efficiently with no hassles or surprises. DTN gets the job done for Cadillac of Novi, the Nation’s #1 Cadillac dealer. If you chose to use them I’m sure they will do the same for you.
Edward J. Pobur, Cadillac of Novi
Dealer Trade Network is the best contact I have for getting the job done. Dealer Trade Network has not only been the most cooperative to work with, but they have also saved us a lot of money. Nick is extremely helpful as well as the other staff members I have dealt with. There are no issues with Dealer Trade Network, and they understand the term “Taking Care Of Business.” What used to be a list of contacts to move inventory, has become one contact named Michael Caldwell, Dealer Trade Network. I recommend anyone to use them if the want someone who works hard for your business and goes above and beyond for you.


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